Family Togetherness

My mother wrote many stories of her own about her early years and she collected stories from her aunts, uncles, and cousins. I want to share this memory of Gail’s aunt, Bertha McGhee. Bertha was born in 1903 and grew up in the small town of Tyro, Kansas.

Sam Matilda 1903 Clarence 7 Jesse 5 Roy 2 Bertha baby_roxio

Bertha is the baby in this photo of the Sam McGhee family in 1903.

Bertha Remembers

Our family did lots of things together.   We played games — dominoes and checkers, carom and croconole and Finch.   Outdoors we played hide and seek, blind man’s bluff and races with bases marked off in the dusty dead end street.

We sang around the organ with Papa playing and he also had us study the Sunday School lesson together on Saturday evening–so we’d be ready for Sunday School on Sunday.   We always had grace before meals and often at breakfast Papa would read a scripture — Sunday School and our church were very much a part of our lives.

Most of us are familiar with dominoes and checkers which are still played today. I wonder if Finch was actually Flinch or if those are separate games. In searching through old newspapers, I found what the boards looked like for Carom and Crokinole. These would be considered parlor games.

Crokinole and Caroms game boards - 1915Crokinole and Caroms game boards – 1915 Mon, Dec 13, 1915 – Page 13 · Great Bend Tribune (Great Bend, Kansas) ·

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