Vintage Camping

My mother’s aunt, Bertha McGhee taught in New Mexico back in 1929 – 1930. She and some friends had some time away which they spent camping out in a small cabin and cooking over an open fire.

I wish I could see the face better, but this does look like Bertha McGhee

We don’t know the location or who the other women are. It’s likely that they are also teachers or staff from the Navajo Indian School.

Here’s one more photo that must be from this same camping trip.

It looks like this woman has dark hair and is not Bertha.

This post was inspired by the Sepia Saturday weekly photo challenge. Here is their photo of two ladies making tea over a fire in Australian in 1915. Take a look at some of the other bloggers to see how they responded to the challenge.

Here’s more information about the Navajo Indian School in Farminton, NM. I also have a post about another outing of Bertha and Friends.

4 thoughts on “Vintage Camping

  1. A good match to the prompt photo! Cooking over an open fire isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do. I remember when my brother was going for his Boy Scout cooking badge he had to come up with edible biscuits made over a campfire. Several nights we built a small campfire in our backyard for my brother to experiment with. That week we had biscuits for dinner every night of the week – some almost rock hard, some too soft and crumbly, some not cooked all the way through. Finally he hit it just right. A piece of foil wrap placed over a layer of dirt in a pan, the pan placed on a rack over hot coals with a tent of foil over the top and voila! Perfect biscuits. 🙂


  2. A terrific match! New Mexico must have been a pretty exotic place back then when the wilderness was not yet spoiled by development. I continue to be amazed at how people find photos in their collections that are nearly identical to Alan’s Sepia Saturday theme image.


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