At the Beach

The beach pictures in our family album are few and far between. Kansas was a shallow sea back 85 million years ago but no photos of our family go back that far. The Martins, Joys, Kennedys, Vinings, and McGhees were later arrivals from 1850s onward. By that time, it was all prairie and some rolling hills.

Below is the challenge photo that started me looking for beach pictures.

My parents, Gail and Clyde Martin, were awed by Lake Erie when then visited me in the mid-1970s in Ohio. It looks like in this photo that Dad is about to get his shoes wet.

Another time, they visited us when we lived in South Texas. Our outing to South Padre Island resulted in more beach pictures. Mom was quick to shed her shoes and start hunting for shells. This would be in the early 1990s.

Here are other members of the family at the ocean, lake, or even a creek.

7 thoughts on “At the Beach

  1. Wonderful photos. My mom was a big shell hunter, too. Whenever we vacationed as a family at Cape Cod in Massachusetts, after we got ourselves set up on the sand off she would go, back and forth, hunting for shells she kept in a large crystal jar at home. Thanks for that memory!


  2. From first to third grade my family lived in Junction City, and then Ft. Riley, Kansas. Digging for a garden one day, my mother was thrilled to discover fossil seashells from that ancient ocean. I still have some, as well as bits of Kansas limestone which millions of years ago was mud from the seabed. I always wanted to find a piece with dinosaur footprints. The Appalachian mountains where I live now are too old for good fossil hunting.


  3. My Mom loved to hunt for special driftwood pieces at some of the ocean beaches we went to. You’ve posted some neat pictures here of family at the beach – wherever. 🙂


  4. I grew up on Lake Erie and didn’t appreciate it until my brother’s college friend went on a picnic with us. He was astounded by how much it looked like an ocean. I think of the Great Lakes as a chain of inland seas.


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