Why A to Z??

In April, I joined the A to Z blogging challenge and it kept me motivated and posting for the whole month. If you missed it, just scan down the page for the older posts.

I wasn’t sure if the alphabet format would be restrictive as I juggled around my topics to fit it. It turned out that it prodded me into covering topics that I might not have thought of on my own. I’m glad I jumped in.

There were new visitors to the blog and some kindly wrote comments. That’s very encouraging, as one starts to wonder if you are blogging just for yourself. Some even went as far as signing up to follow the blog.

In the long run, I’m not sure if my ramblings about my mother and about my loss will keep those new followers on board. We’ll see. I did get messages from a sister and a cousin telling me they appreciated the daily postings. I’m trying to keep up the pace even though the challenge is over.

survivor-atoz [2014]

Watching the Rose Parade on New Year’s Day

Last year on this day, Mom was in the rehab center. They were trying to get her to do some therapy, but she told them she needed to stay in her room to see the Rose Parade. She could be pretty stubborn, so therapy was postponed.

It surprised me that the parade was so important to her that she would put off her treatment. Then I found out that she wanted to see the float for the organ donors. One of the roses on that float was in memory of Dad being an organ donor. I believe it was his eyes, which rather amazes me, since at 87 he wasn’t very happy with his eyesight.

Anyway, just one year ago, Mom was watching the Rose Parade on television in her room at rehab.

Swan Float , Dominant Images Posters
Swan Float , Dominant Images Posters by foxykatrocks

As it turned out, there was a second reason she was resisting therapy. She had a painful blood clot in her leg.

First Birthday without Mom

If you were still alive on your 89th birthday, you would be having long phone conversations with your children and grandchildren. At least with those who were too far away to drop by for your special day. It’s not the same as being there to give you a hug and a gift.

Now you are even further away or is it closer? Anyway, I’m sure you are enjoying your birthday in heaven with Dad, wherever heaven is. Probably you can have all your favorite things there as well. There would be a baseball game going on your celestial television and a box of chocolate covered cherries at hand for you to sample.

We all miss you, but don’t know how to share those feelings. I’ll browse through your photos on my computer and go read once again some of your stories posted on Our Echo. I’ll remember how you liked to point out that your birthday fell on Friday the 13th and how you were a week older than Dad.

I love You Chocolate Covered Cherries Greeting Card
I love You Chocolate Covered Cherries Greeting Card by Samanthacat

Wishing I could hug you, but for now, this posting will have to serve. I know you wouldn’t want us to continue being sad, so I will try to think happy thoughts of you on your birthday.