The McGhee Sisters and the Dogs

Our cousin Bob surprises us now and then with a “new” old picture. Here’s one we hadn’t seen before of my mother (Gail) and her two sisters. I need to find an incentive to get Bob to scanning all those photos he inherited from his mother.


The McGhee sisters – Carol, Melba, and Gail

Our cousin group on Facebook had all sorts of questions like whose dogs were they, what were their names, and what was the location of the picture?

My Aunt Carol, the littlest girl in the picture said, “I have no idea whose dogs, names; I would suppose it was our yard. I never saw this photo before! Pretty much no memories from this age.
However, after studying on the locale, this may be the lease northeast of Madison, where we lived when I went to first grade in Madison. Then we moved to the lease where I attended Seeley School until mid-6th grade when we moved to the farm.
I don’t remember us having more than one dog at a time.
One memory: I remember Gail and I going into the Madison school, she would go up the stairs to the 2nd floor, and I would go down the hall to my 1st-grade room. I would look back, Gail would wave, and I would then continue, comforted that she would be there when it was time to go home.”
My comment was that I looked like my Mom at this age. My sister commented on that too.
Cousin Bob shared what he knew, “Mom wrote the location on some of her pictures but nothing by this one. There are some good ones of you, Carol, I’ll have you scan some of them for you. Our best guess judging by other photos around this one is 1938 or 39.”
If it is 1938 or 39, here are the ages to go with the girls: Melba – 18 or 19, Gail – 14 or 15, Carol – 4 or 5.
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This photo is posted in response to the Sepia Saturday challenge. Here’s the challenge for September 14 that inspired this post.

Z is for Zoo

We had a lot of animals around when I was a kid, but mostly they were food-producing livestock. We lived in the country and the cow, the pigs, the rabbits and chickens were an important food source for our family of eight. Of course we had the usual dogs and cats too.

Earlier when my mother was growing up, she had a rather unusual pet. A badger. I wish we had a photo of her with the badger, but she described it so well in her story, that I can picture him in my mind. This is an animal so unique that you would expect to only see it in a zoo.

You can read Jolly Was a Badger on my Mom’s author page. Jolly lived in the wash-house and liked to dig tunnels in the dirt floor. That must have been a trial for my grandmother.

Here's Gail (center) with some cousins and her older sister. The wooden building in the background is the wash-house.

Here’s Gail (center) with some cousins and her older sister. The wooden building in the background is the wash-house.

You can read more about badgers on a page I created. There are even some videos so you can see badgers in action. For more photos of my mom with kittens, puppies and even a young coyote, check out these vintage photos in an earlier post on this blog.