Easter for the Grandkids

Gail loved holidays, so I scouted out some old pictures from the 1970s of her grandchildren enjoying the holiday. Paul looks quite dapper in his little suit, Robin’s wearing the lavender crocheted outfit and April is the toddler with the Easter bonnet and the bouquet of flowers.

In the 1972 black-and-white photo, the kids are pictured with their Aunt Shannon.

scrapbook susan

Easter Scrapbook Page Made for My Sister

Turning Mom into a Work of Art

I had the idea of getting a sketch made of Mom. My thought was to use it when reissuing some of her family stories in individual editions. Now with CreateSpace and Kindle Direct, it’s possible to reach a wider audience than ever before with self-published books.

There’s a site called Fiverr with freelance artists and writers willing to work for $5 or $10. Many are in places like Asia or South America where $5 goes further and they appreciate the chance to reach an international market for their talent.

You can view examples of their work and commission one to draw a portrait. I opted for the $10 version and supplied a photo. This was the resulting graphic.

gail drawing

Graphic created of Gail Lee Martin

For those reading this who actually knew Gail Lee Martin, what do you think of the likeness? I thought the hair was a little stiff looking and maybe too high in the center.

Then I looked at the photo that I supplied and decided the artist did quite a reasonable job capturing Mom. Share your reaction in the comment section below.

2008-12-26 gail and ks photos 007

The artist who created this was Polillavw of Argentina.