X Marks the Spot

When pirates buried their treasure, they drew a map to find it again. On the map, they put a big X showing where to find the treasure.

A treasure that I’ve found in my mother’s papers is a hand-drawn map she made showing the Phillips oil company camp where the family lived in the 1930s. Actually she left a number of these maps showing where the McGhees and the Martins lived in Greenwood and Lyon County, Kansas.

I wish I’d had this to include in her memoir, My Flint Hills Childhood.

Here’s an example:

Map of Teterville, Kansas

Clarence and Ruth McGhee’s homes while working for Phillips Oil.


I think this is a great idea for all of us to record our neighborhood where we grew up or the interior of the house. A great memory exercise.

Floor plan of a house from Gail Martin's childhood.

Floor plan of a house from Gail Martin’s childhood.

8 thoughts on “X Marks the Spot

  1. Your Mom was quite methodical, it seems. My sister lives in our childhood home, so I can still visit. Somehow, the house seems to have shrunk!


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