Make a Candy Cane Wall Hanging from Yarn

An article rescued using the Wayback Machine. Mom wrote it for eHow back in 2010.

Making pom-poms from yarn is easy. Connect them together to make a giant candy cane. This makes a marvelous Christmas decoration. Here’s how to make one for your wall.

Things You’ll Need:

red yarn & white yarn
wire clothes hanger
small square of cardboard (3 inches by 2 inches)

One of Gail and Clyde's giant candy canes made from pom poms.

One of Gail and Clyde’s giant candy canes made from pom poms.

1 Take a wire coat hanger. Untwist it and straighten it to the full length. Bend the top part into the shape of a shepherd’s crook. Fold each end back on itself (to keep the pom-poms from sliding off).
2 Make the pom-poms: Wrap the yarn twenty times around the three inch length of the cardboard. Slide the cardboard out. Using a separate piece of yarn, tie the loops of yarn in the middle. Leave enough extra of the tie to tie the pom-pom onto the wire.
3 Make as many red and white pompoms as needed to fill the wire cane. We double wrapped, then tied with a square knot. Cram the pom-poms together to make a fuller candy cane.
4 We found some yarn that had glitter entwined and that made even prettier canes. I also sprayed clear shellac and quickly sprinkled glitter on plain yarn to get the same effect.
5 We added plastic decoration up near the curve by tying it with yarn. Big red, velvety bows look great on them too.

Added decoration on the pom-pom candy cane.

Added decoration on the pom-pom candy cane.

6 A wire loop was added to the back side for hanging. We double wrapped some yarn, then tied it with a square knot to the wire for extra strength.

This looks great hanging on a door during the holiday season. We made both big candy canes and small ones. Store the candy cane carefully so the yarn isn’t crushed.

6 thoughts on “Make a Candy Cane Wall Hanging from Yarn

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  5. I think Diana has the candy cane that Mom & Dad made for me. I gave her some boxes of Christmas stuff when I moved from Lawrence to Kentucky because I didn’t have room in the moving truck. A few days before Christmas, Chhaya brought over the Santa that they made, so I’ve had it up here during the holidays. Nice memories. Mom and Dad were always coming up with something new and fun to make–part of how they stayed happily married for 67 years, I would guess!

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